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Manchin And Sinema Deserve Our Support On the Filibuster

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Manchin is already coming under heavy attack. 

The filibuster is what will prevent the state of D.C. and other such power grabs.

You may not be fond of Sinema, but she is very constrained in many ways.

I'd prefer a GOP senator.....but I'll take what I can get in this regard.

Sinema won't sign on as a consponsor of the D.C. statehood bill.

I am going to send  her a note of thanks.

If the left could get away from the whackjobs and morons they have in there....we'd be much better off.

I would speculate that reaching out to her and encouraging her to stand up against the left wing idiots like Schumer is going to pay better dividends that most other activities.

I like this woman !!!

This article shows just how badly she is irritating the left.

Boy, they can't decapitate her fast enough.

They are upset at her thumbs down.

Lucky they didn't get the bird instead. 

They've been dogging her like they own her since she showed up.

She is a accountable to the citizens of the state of AZ.

Who does the author think he is and why would he think we would care at all about his miserable flack POV ?


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