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Will the pending Migration to a new Host be flawless?

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   This isn't Rocket Surgery. We are only transferring the Forum software to a new HOST (provider of bandwidth).  Nothing should change, perhaps a little faster and currently our new people are completely open to all content.
   I believe that once the old host, reluctantly, lets us GO we will be on the NEW Host and good for a long time.

   Thank You @mystery-ak @Cyber Liberty and @BassWrangler for moving us forward for a more secure future.

Cyber Liberty:
Nancy is more involved with the migration than I am.  :shrug:

Most likely flawless. But I wonder if someone could leave a trail of red hots for me. If there is a problem it will be my ineptness. happy77

We're still awaiting transfer of the domains. Current host told me 5 days, but the guy there I just spoke to says he's only ever seen it take 7 days. So most likely Saturday before the transfer goes through.

Why is this poll even necessary? Let the tech team do their jobs...


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