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New Jersey announces it will consider climate change risk in all policies, move away from coastal ar


New Jersey announces it will consider climate change risk in all policies, move away from coastal areas

This Earth Day, the state prepared for a changing planet.
Anagha Srikanth | April 23, 2021

Story at a glance

    Climate change is causing sea levels to rise faster than expected, endangering coastal areas.
    New Jersey, which borders the Atlantic Ocean, is taking climate change into consideration when setting future policies, the state announced.
    Some communities are preparing to leave their homes on the coast and move further inland.

Some parts of New Jersey are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy, which destroyed billions of dollars worth of infrastructure and killed more than 200 people in 2012. But sea levels are rising faster than expected and the state is already bracing for the next disaster: climate change.

“Climate change is the single greatest long-term threat currently facing humanity, and our state and economy are uniquely vulnerable to its devastating effects,” said New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy in a release. “Confronting climate change requires decisive and intentional action across all sectors and levels of government. The Climate Change Resilience Strategy outlines a comprehensive set of actions designed to ensure that New Jersey’s communities and infrastructure are resilient against future storms and the impacts of climate change.” 



Don't forget Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Block Island, the Hamptons, and Kennebunkport, Maine.

Why should working-class Americans be the only one's deprived of access to coastal real estate?

Historic Preservation and Environmental Conservation are NIMBY cover for snobbish zoning laws. 

What they really mean is "ew, we need to keep the unwashed masses from befouling our quaint,cloistered, rich community."


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