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Governor Decides to Take Socialism Into His Own Hands, Signs New Law


Governor Decides to Take Socialism Into His Own Hands, Signs New Law
Mark Megahan -
April 19, 2021

Illinois’ Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker personally picked the state’s newest Socialism program up off the pile with his very own hands and signed it into law. Healthcare must be accessible to the masses, at any cost, so the measure slashes oversight in favor of expedience.

Even the state’s alleged Republicans were in on the socialist scheme. The new law was co-sponsored by RINO Rep. Jeff Keicher of Sycamore. Liberal lawmakers in the state demanded that healthcare be “accessible” to “the most vulnerable residents in the western suburbs of the state.”

There is no longer a need for insurance companies in Illinois. **nononono*

PeteS in CA:
If one reads through the clickbait article's verbosity to the bottom of the article one will find what the bill actually does:

--- Quote ---The law made changes to the procedures to “expedite” the process of certification. Slashing the red tape, “instead of requiring a certification of need, the process is now expedited to allow for an exemption pertaining to the acquisition process.” 1

Democrats found a willing “party” who is “interested in reestablishing the hospital” as long as the taxpayer picks up the losses they sustain in operations. As part of the let’s make a deal game, the unknown investor must “Commit to spending at least $20 million to reestablish the hospital, which includes the cost of land acquisition, building acquisition, new construction, and new equipment.” 2

After that the law requires them to treat just about anybody on demand. “Adopt and maintain a charity care policy that is no less restrictive than what was in place prior to the closure for at least two years.” 3 Of course they will still have to “Accept Medicaid and Managed Care Organization patients.” 4
--- End quote ---

1 This is actually a change away from government control. "Certificate of need" is a mechanism by which government obstructs new facilities from opening.

2 So some private investor must pony up $20M or more, and if the facility does not operate at a loss, it costs taxpayers nothing. This measure is actually a mechanism to ensure that whoever reopens the facility has pockets deep enough to do all that entails plus actually operate it.

3 So the requirement is that the facility's "charity care policy" be the same as it was before, i.e. no change. Not very socialistic!

4 A very large % of LTC facilities accept Medicare, Medicaid, and etc.. Since this facility probably did so before, this also is probably a no change provision, not very socialistic.

When a clickbait site buries all the relevant information at the bottom of the article under a @#$%ton of blah-blah-blah it's a huge clue that the clickbait article's claim is utter porcine excrement.


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