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Andrew Fukuda
« on: April 09, 2021, 01:48:53 PM »
Generally speaking,I don't care much for fantasy Sci-Fi,although if you are going to be strict,ALL sci-fi is fantasy.

So I will rephrase that. I generally don't care for the type of sci-fi that has monsters.

I happened to get some free books (my FAVORITE type of book!) from a friend a while back,and just got around to reading the one by Andrew Fukuda,an author I had never even heard of before.

This book is titled "The Prey" is is the middle book in a triology,so I jumped into the middle of a party that was already happening,and didn't know any of the "guests". I ordered the other two today,one from Abe's Books and the other from Amazon,so that will change shortly.

The premise is somehow the world has been changed (remember,I haven't read the first book yet) by something that turns humans into mindless flesh-eating monsters that can only come out at night,and the hero of the book is the son of "the scientist" who managed to find a way to put humanity back in charge,but disappeared before he was able to pull it off,so now his son is fumbling about to figure out a way to do that.

It is a 326 page book,and such an easy read I read it in one day,and surprised myself by enjoying it,even though it SEEMS to me to be targeted at the "young teen" market. Nothing really complex or sophisticated about anything that is going on,so it was really surprising to discover I blew through it so fast and enjoyed it so much."

In fact it might be a  good series to give as gifts to teen and slightly pre-teen relatives of yours to introduce them to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy sci-fi world. Even the violence is toned down. No foul language,no sex scenes,and very little graphic violence.

Yet I still enjoyed it.

The first book is "The Hunt",the second one is "The Prey" and the final one is "The Trap".

My preferred book source is Abe's Books,but they list international sellers,so you really have to check on shipping charges before punching the "buy it now button." 60 bucks for shipping a 4 dollar book from England is a little stiff. Look for American sellers. There are plenty of them,and almost all ship for free. Been shopping for books there for over a decade,and never been screwed even once.

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