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 Activists Deliberately Amplified Transgenderism To America’s Gullible Kids, And Few Are Protecting Them

For all the celebratory talk of self-acceptance and self-determination, those rejecting the reality of male and female are at war with themselves.

By Jean C. Lloyd
April 7, 2021

At 15, I cropped off my long hair. The result was exhilarating. Not long after, I rented a tuxedo for my high school dance, a first for a girl at my school. Excited yet apprehensive, I couldn’t wait to try it on. Any qualms I had were quickly swept aside by how much I enjoyed the feel of each suit piece and how it made me look.

I walked and carried myself differently. Wearing a tux and tails felt much more “me” than any of my awkward attempts at wearing a dress. I was secretly same-sex attracted, deeply confused about my identity, and more and more preferred a masculinized version of myself. I described myself as “androgynous” and papered over the pain I carried with a bravado of pride in being a “non-conformist.”

Fast forward 30-plus years to Time magazine’s cover story of Ellen Page’s transformation into Elliot, including top surgery, and my heart both resonates and breaks. Had my younger self been part of this generation, I could have easily gone from gender non-conformity to lost body parts, in search of an elusive self-transformation to escape the pain I was experiencing. Laying aside all else, even if the still beautiful Page finds improved happiness post-transition, the objective fact remains that most don’t.

Moreover, Page is making these decisions as a 34-year-old adult. Yet how many more people — most of them younger — will be influenced by the media’s unrelenting celebration of transgender identity? How many young women (and young men) going through the “hell of puberty,” as Page puts it, will look and find yet another famous herald for an alluring gender “journey” cure-all? In a single day after the transgender announcement, Page gained 400,000 Instagram followers.

Undoubtedly with good intentions, Page is speaking out to condemn bills meant to protect minors from these irreversible procedures. Yet the delayed transition in Page’s life preserved full fertility, bone density, and sexual function. As a famous actor, Page will get a cover story and a voice; Keira Bell, the brave detransitioned woman who won her lawsuit against a gender clinic for improper care of minors, will not.

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