Author Topic: Black Americans Just Took The Voter ID Myth And Stuffed It In A Locker!  (Read 106 times)

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Black Americans Just Took The Voter ID Myth And Stuffed It In A Locker!
April 4, 2021

Ami Horowitz Street reporting from 2016 has again become relevant as Democrats continue to push back against GOP efforts to require identification for voters, claiming such a standard is “racist,”

On the video Horowitz took to the streets of Berkeley, California, asking white liberals about their views on voter ID, and, to no surprise, they all said the requirement was racist. Some of the reasons they gave as to why included black Americans’ apparent lack of access to the Internet, lack of access to the DMV, and a general lack of knowledge about how to access identification.

Some of the comments include after Horowitz caught all of this on video.
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This is not about the Democrats worrying about disenfranchising black voters

It's their fear that illegal immigrants won't be able to easily vote
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What? they can't surf the web on their obamaphones?
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