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Cumulus/Westwood One To Move Dan Bongino Into Rush Limbaugh Timeslot

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by Lance Venta
March 17, 2021

 Cumulus Media and Westwood One has agreed to terms with conservative commentator Dan Bongino to host a daily three-hour show from 12-3pm eastern.

Bongino currently hosts a daily podcast for Westwood One that since March 2020 has been repurposed into a one-hour syndicated show on over 100 stations including 790 KABC Los Angeles and 560 KSFO San Francisco. The new show would air live in the timeslot currently held by Limbaugh on many if not all Cumulus owned Conservative Talk and News/Talk stations.

Bongino?  He is one that I didn't even consider.  I know that he ran for political office, seems very conservative and has a column, but I haven't heard him as a radio personality.
I've been listening to the Limbaugh show since he passed with a different daily guide, "remembering Rush", and I think it serves a much needed purpose right now since the DEMS have taken over. I think it's way to soon after his passing to discontinue his radio show and ending his legacy. There's years and years of audio that can continued to be used.     

We'll see how Bongino does.  Has anyone else heard him on the airwaves??             

Bongino was a member of the Trump communications team, and all that entails, good and bad. He and Dan Scavino were the authors of a lot of Trump's more infamous tweets.

As the article notes, he's had a podcast for a while now. Being a guy who's never been comfortable with the Trump style that Bongino cultivated, I don't listen so I can't really give you an assessment myself.

As for Westwood One, they are one of the two big players in talk radio, the other being iHeart (iHeart has Beck and Hannity, and also did Limbaugh). Mark Levin is their star host; Chris Plante is also on their roster. They also syndicate Ben Shapiro and Michael Knowles (Knowles was a substitute for Limbaugh near the end), who like Bongino were podcasters before jumping to syndication. So while iHeart is going to continue with the Limbaugh reruns for a couple more months, Westwood One is going to have the clout to put Bongino's new show on a lot of Limbaugh's former affiliates; it is a sister company to Cumulus Media, which owns a large number of Limbaugh affiliates.

Rather hear Tucker Carlson

Have really enjoyed Bongino's podcast. I think he'll do well in this timeslot.


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