Author Topic: Fmr. Oversight Chair Jason Chaffetz Reveals ‘Perverse’ ‘Disaster Liberalism’: ‘It’s Wrong and Needs  (Read 74 times)

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Fmr. Oversight Chair Jason Chaffetz Reveals ‘Perverse’ ‘Disaster Liberalism’: ‘It’s Wrong and Needs to be Exposed’

Robert Kraychik 15 Mar 2021

Fox News contributor and former Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) noted Monday how Democrats and the left exploit genuine and manufactured crises to empower themselves while previewing his forthcoming book, They Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste: The Truth About Disaster Liberalism.

Chaffetz joined SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow to discuss his examination of the left’s exploitation of crisis.

Marlow asked about the subtitle of Chaffetz’s upcoming book: “What’s disaster liberalism?”

Chaffetz explained, “There are tricks and schemes and plotting that goes on, so that when a crisis comes along — whether it’s legitimate or fabricated — they use that to leverage their ability — the government’s — to go out and do what they would never be able to do otherwise.”

Chaffetz argued left-wing policy proposals to political problems, real or imagined, are all predicated on increasing centralized control and power at the expense of human freedom.

“In other words, they take that opportunity and they leverage it, and they push, and they do things… that would never pass in the light of day,” he stated. “It’s a fairly perverse thing when you see it. When you start to understand the formula that they use, it always equates to more government, more spending, more control, and less liberty.”

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