Author Topic: Josh Hawley: Biden ‘More Focused’ on Amnesty than Working Class Job Losses  (Read 223 times)

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Josh Hawley: Biden ‘More Focused’ on Amnesty than Working Class Job Losses

John Binder 22 Feb 2021

Sen. Josh Hawley says President Joe Biden is “more focused” on providing amnesty to millions of illegal aliens than grappling with potential economic doom for America’s working class.

Last week, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) introduced Biden’s amnesty legislation into the Senate. The plan seeks to legalize, and eventually provide American citizenship to, about 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the United States today.

Also, the plan is likely to double legal immigration levels — where already more than 1.2 million green cards are awarded to legal immigrants annually — even as more than 17 million Americans are jobless but wanting full-time employment.

Specifically, a McKinsey Global Institute analysis detailed by the Washington Post reveals that the overwhelming longterm economic burden, as a result of the Chinese coronavirus crisis, will be put on working and lower-middle class Americans.

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More stress out the system until it breaks, Communist agenda.  Giving away boat loads of money to foreigners, denying needy Americans.    Biden, doing the things Trump would have never done.  Livin in the utopia of usefuls fools.....