Author Topic: More Proof Biden's Attacks on Trump's Vaccine Distribution Plan Are Based on Lies  (Read 191 times)

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More Proof Biden's Attacks on Trump's Vaccine Distribution Plan Are Based on Lies

Earlier this week, Joe Biden falsely claimed that President Trump “failed to order enough” COVID-19 vaccines. It was the latest in a series of attacks from the Biden administration criticizing the vaccine distribution plan—or lack of one—left by the Trump administration.
But the Biden administration is still using the same vaccine distribution model developed by Operation Warp Speed under President Trump.

“It’s more or less the plan that we put together frankly that’s happening and maybe there are improvements and that’s really great, some acceleration. But clearly, we didn’t go from no plan to a plan, and from no vaccine to a vaccine,” Dr. Moncef Slaoui, the former head of Operation Warp Speed, told Fox Business last week. He also said he was surprised that the Biden administration is gloating about a vaccine distribution plan that isn’t their own.

The data also proves that attacks from the Biden administration are unfounded. According to a graph generated by Newsy, vaccine production and distribution under Biden hasn’t accelerated, but rather followed the same trajectory as it was under Trump.

The Twitter link shows the graph of daily injections, which shows that Biden has had no effect, so far, on the number of people getting vaccinated.
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