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Postmaster General Louis DeJoy 'plans to eliminate two-day delivery for first-class mail and hike postage rates' as USPS struggles with billions in losses

    DeJoy is reportedly considering eliminating two-day delivery for first-class mail
    Already, less than half of letters in that category are delivered on time
    Plan would also see all first-class mail shipped by truck instead of airplane
    Changes would coincide with a significant price hike in postage
    USPS is struggling financially even after a record holiday quarter last year

By Keith Griffith For and Reuters

Published: 21:51 EST, 12 February 2021 | Updated: 21:51 EST, 12 February 2021

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy plans to propose changes to the U.S. Postal Service that could make mail delivery slower and more costly for both consumers and commercial mailers, according to a new report.

DeJoy has discussed eliminating first-class mail designated for delivery in two days, and instead make all first-class mail targeted for a three- to five-day delivery window, people briefed on his strategic plan told the Washington Post.

Currently, letter-envelope sized first-class mail sent to a local address is supposed to be delivered within two days -- but frequently it is not.

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He's going to follow the Italian Plan to make the mail delivered on time.

We know what happened to that Italian guy who fixed the train schedules in Italy, don't we?
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Email service providers should send the USPS a thank-you email for the USPS' past and ongoing contribution to the growth of email.
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