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Democrats Use Capitol Protest as Excuse to Lock Down the Country

Jan 18, 2021

RUSH: Yeah, hang on here a second, folks. I got tricked again. Just a minute. Just a minute. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got tricked again. I’m driving in today, and there’s nobody on the roads. There’s nobody out. I said, “What the hell is this?” And then I remembered, it’s a national holiday, and nobody told me. Celebrating the birthday of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King today, and nobody told me.

Now, some might say, “You’re supposed to know that on your own, and if you admit that you didn’t really realize it on your own, they could come in here and take your show away from you.” Ah, maybe, but I don’t think they’ll use that as an excuse. It was a ghost town today driving in, exactly what it was. So I’m here. We’re here. The entire EIB Network is here. Great to be with you today, folks. We’ll take any day we can get. The phone number, if you want to be on the program, 800-282-2882. The email address,

You remember the good old days when Democrats used to just lock down the country and prevented outdoor gatherings except if you were Antifa or Black Lives Matter and protesting, you could do whatever you wanted. Remember when they did all that because of COVID? Now the Democrats are banning rallies in Washington and all across the fruited plain because of the Capitol Hill protest last week.

By the way, I’m calling it a protest because I am strictly following the Associated Press and Reuters guidelines which prohibit their reporters from using the term “riot” for any Antifa or Black Lives Matter protests. So to stay in compliance, I, too, will refer to what happened as a protest at the Capitol.

And that protest is being used for everything. The Capitol Hill protest is now being used as an excuse for implementing what the Democrats have long since wanted. It’s like banning conservative thought from the internet and the airwaves. Now the Democrats are even using the Capitol protest as their latest excuse for reparations.

And you notice that they are also trying to tell us that there are massive protests planned at all the state capitols on Inauguration Day, and yet their own reporters are saying there aren’t any crowds here. In fact, their own reporters are pointing out that there are more journalists at these state capitols than there are protesters or rioters or any of that.

But, anyway, back to the lockdowns in Washington and elsewhere. And, you know, they’re locking down Plugs’ inauguration. Folks, they’ve got armed military. It’s the most amazing thing to observe happening in our country. All of these Democrats who told us for years that walls do not work are erecting so many walls around themselves. They’re erecting walls around the Capitol. They’re erecting walls around where Plugs is gonna be installed in his inauguration.


RUSH: Prisons are locked down for Biden’s inauguration. “Federal prisons are being locked down since Saturday to prevent violence ahead of President-elect Biden’s inauguration.” So they’re allowed to vote, but they’re not allowed to peacefully assemble.

Now, aren’t most of these inmates Democrats? I mean, aren’t most felons Democrats? Isn’t that why the Democrats have pushed for the felon vote? Shouldn’t they be celebrating the Biden inauguration instead of protesting? What…? Locking down prisons ahead of Biden’s inauguration? It’s to make it look like the prison population somehow doesn’t like Biden or is not excited about his inauguration.

Washington itself… Folks, it’s sad to see. It really is sad to see. It’s practically a prison itself. I mean, you’ve got wall-to-wall fences, you have razor wire on top of the fences, and yet Biden and let Democrats want open borders. While locking down prisons and locking down Washington, D.C. And what a beautiful image this is for us to present to the rest of the world.

The Democrats are doing this because they think they can blame all of this on Trump. They are doing all… You have to understand, they are purposefully doing it. This stuff not necessary, but they’re doing it to make it look like it’s necessary. They want everybody around the world to believe that it is Trump supporters who are planning massive protests, massive violence, massive insurrection.

That’s why they have to prepare the Capitol, and that’s why they have to have razor wire and all of these other totally unnecessary steps they are taking. Democrat-run states — including Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, California, Pennsylvania, Oregon — are also shutting down their capitols to prevent any right-wing insurrections during Biden’s immaculation.

Of course, this is because Trump supporters are so violent. Never mind that in the literally hundreds of pro-Trump rallies and parades before January 6 there’s never one hint of violence at all. And yet the states are declaring emergencies. They’re closing the capitols ahead of rallies. None of it necessary. All of it being done for show.

All of it being done to create an image that our nation is scared to death of out-of-control insurrectionists who support Trump. It’s all part of an effort to smear, to impugn Trump and his supporters — and look at what they’re making the United States of America look like. Trump supporters are peaceful. That’s one of the things they’re known for.

But we’re supposed to believe that Trump supporters are violent. As I say, 40 rallies. Forty rallies before January 6 all around the country without a broken window or a blade of grass disturbed. Meanwhile, if you go back to Trump’s inauguration, all of this stuff did happen! There was a riot in Washington that the Democrats and the media promoted and supported and heralded and televised.

Do you remember all the women that were wearing those vagina hats, lining the streets of New York all the way out to JFK? It was massive. My memory is there was something like half a million people that were involved in this, and the media was promoting it. There wasn’t one bit of concern about it at all. Do you remember this, folks?

It was the first sign — and a lot of people didn’t see it for what it was, but it was the first sign… I say, “the first.” It’s probably not the first, but it was the first massive-scale bit of evidence that there would be no peace ever. I remember discussing it. I remember that these women were bought and paid for. They were arranged, and they were put on hold.

And they were told, “You’re gonna get marching orders. You’re gonna get an instruction. You’re gonna get some signal from your handlers that tells you when it’s time to get into gear.” So Trump’s elected. These women wearing their vagina hats and others get ready. They’re on standby. They got their marching orders some time in January.

And off they were, protesting Trump’s election, protesting Trump’s travel ban, protesting Trump’s everything. The media, as I say, was sympathetic. They were not frightened. They were not worried. They didn’t care what it made the country look like. They were all-in for this, because they — the media, the Democrats, all one and the same — were part of the organizational effort to make this happen.

And it was, as I say, the first large-scale effort to make it look like the country had not elected Trump. Here Trump wins in a very significant Electoral College victory, shocking and surprising everyone. There was no question about it. Here we came with the Russian collusion lie and the fact the effort to make it look like there aren’t any Trump supporters, that there are only people who oppose Trump and that they somehow got shafted and screwed and that their protest was legitimate because they got shafted and screwed.

I’ll never forget it. I won’t forget it because I misunderstood exactly what it was, what its purpose was. It was designed to start the ball rolling that the country hated Trump, that the country had made a mistake, that the American people had not really elected Trump, and they were outraged this had happened.

The protesters were legitimate. It was the first organized effort to make it look like the Trump administration all of us lie, that the Trump victory was a lie, that we need to really look into this Russian thing because Trump’s election is illegitimate. It was all part of an organized effort.

And there wasn’t one bit of concern over the violence, over the protests, over the riots that took place. Not one bit of concern. Now look what they’re doing. States declare emergency. Close capitols ahead of rallies. Prisons locked down. The United States Capitol is ringed with razor wire and armed military personnel.

It’s all to make it look like the same Trump people in 2016 are still around, still out of control, and pose a mortal threat to the existence of the country. And that mortal threat is being used by the Democrats to limit your freedom and mine in ways they have dreamed of all their lives.

We’ll have more on this as the program unfolds on the birthday of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


RUSH: Look at this. Look at this. “Inauguration Rehearsal Shut Down by External Threat — NBC Washington staff and Associated Press.” So it took the NBC newsroom and the AP combined to report this. “A dress rehearsal for the inauguration of [Joe “Plugs” Biden] was interrupted Monday when U.S. Capitol Police issued a security warning to everyone on Capitol grounds.

“‘All buildings within the Capitol Complex: External security threat, no entry or exit is permitted, stay away from exterior windows, doors. If outside, seek cover. USCP,’ the message Monday morning said. Rehearsal participants were evacuated from the West Front of the Capitol on orders of security officials after a fire in a homeless encampment, officials said.”

A fire in a homeless encampment can affect the inauguration of Joe Biden or any president? A fire in a homeless encampment? You know, when you boil this all down, the reason the deep state — the reason the establishment — is putting more military in Washington for this inauguration than we have in war zones… Do you understand this? We have a greater military presence than we have in a lot of war zones where we are deployed around the world.

The reason they’re building walls that rival what Trump built on the southern border — the reason the media are ginning up scary stories like this, of white supremacists ready to make trouble — is they are conveniently forgetting what the left did to Washington in 2017, which I just reminded you of. The reason this is gonna be a virtual inauguration with no people allowed…

The reason for the constant security warnings — that, by the way, seem to be withdrawn as quickly as they’re issued. Why do you think all this is happening? Why are they putting more military in Washington for this inauguration than we have in war zones? Why are they building walls?

Why are they ginning up all these scary stories of white supremacists ready to make trouble? They’re worried about something. They need to distract you and me and as many as they can from what worries them. What worries them? Could it be they know the election was not up and up? Could they know that people are right to be mad about something? This is not necessary, folks. I think it’s largely made up.


RUSH: Folks, now, seriously. To literally surround our nation’s Capitol with armed troops — oh. You want to know something else? A lot of them are National Guard. There’s a poll out today. Ninety percent, 90% of the National Guard are white people who voted for Trump. And so the National Guard might be part of the insurrection, you see.

No, I’m not making this up. This is how they are looking at it. But I don’t even believe that. This is what they are reporting about it. That many of the armed military are National Guard, and a majority of them are white people, and that, of course, means white supremacy and white privilege. And it means that they support Trump. They could be a secret marching orders group waiting for the “go” signal. That’s what the Drive-By Media is attempting to convey here.

But I digress. To literally surround Washington with armed troops and razor wire to install a Democrat. The Democrats would have us believe that they are the most appreciated, the most loved, the most adored of all political people in the world. Why would any of this be necessary? Shouldn’t the American people be happy? Why, we’re gonna finally get rid of that mean, rotten-to-the-core Trump. Shouldn’t this be a day of celebration, a week — no, no. Stick with me on this. I’m asking rhetorical questions, yes, but shouldn’t they be happy?

If everything they’ve told us about Trump is true and if everything they’ve told us about public opinion regarding Trump is true, shouldn’t there have been an outbreak of celebratory happiness all over our nation’s capital? Why, we’re gonna finally establish what should be the norm, a Democrat in the White House. That ought to be making everybody happy. It ought to make everybody comfortable.

It ought to be sending the signal we’re gonna fix COVID-19, we’re gonna fix the vaccine, we’re gonna deal with all of this stuff, we’re gonna rebuild the economy, America is gonna be great, except we know the Democrats don’t support any of that, do they? But this is what they want people to believe, that a Democrat in the White House is the epitome of normalcy, no matter what the Democrat does. There should be an outbreak of celebratory happiness, if you ask me, based on the things that Democrats attempt to make us believe.

When Trump was inaugurated, I beg you to remember all those vagina hats. There might have been a million of ’em if you count how many of ’em were stationed at various places around the whole country. In New York I think it was close to half a million. And they were allowed to wail and cry and tear things up. They were allowed to act like children. They were threatening assassination of Trump. But now there isn’t any celebratory happiness with the establishment of the nation’s norms, i.e., a Democrat in the White House and a Democrat control of Congress and the Democrats’ control of the Senate, the Democrats’ control of the judiciary.

Why, where is the happiness? They never are happy no matter how much they get of their agenda, but this is still striking. They’re terrified of something. Did you see that Netflix exclusive starring Sandra Bullock, the movie called Bird Box? Did you see that? Where if you looked at the monster, you lost your eyesight. Well, everybody had to wear a mask over their eyes, not their nose and mouth, but over their eyes ’cause if you saw the monster, you were killed, you were instantly, well, no. You weren’t killed. You became part of the monster.

And so Sandra Bullock and her kids were able to go anywhere they wanted blindfolded. They succeeded going everywhere. I mean, they were able to go down rapids, they were able to go down rivers and all kinds of things. Nothing happened. It got close a number of times. But they had to put masks on, cover their eyes in order to keep from being subsumed by the monster.

Now, if we extrapolate the movie Bird Box to what the Democrats are going to do, what is the monster? The monster is the truth. They are trying to make sure you don’t see the truth. They’re desperately trying to cover-up what they think is the truth. And what do they think that is? Well, your guess as good as mine, but I think they’re scared to death of this not-going-away belief that the election was not on the up and up.

Now, I have heard from a number of different — I don’t know if the following here is true. And I’ve debated whether to even mention this, ’cause I don’t know if it’s true. And if it is, then it doesn’t say a lot good. But Biden’s transition team has revealed — I alluded to this a moment ago. There’s a very real fear that members of the National Guard who support Trump might have ill intentions aimed at Joe Biden during the inauguration. They’re worried about what the National Guard might do ’cause they’re 90% white people. That means white supremacy and white whatever else.

So Biden’s transition team has asked, are there ways that we can neuter the members of the Guard? The request was refused. I don’t know where it was made. I don’t know if any of this actually happened. The fear supposedly started with the Secret Service detail. And again, I really was reluctant to even mention this, but I think that they want this kind of stuff trickling out there, too, folks, to make it look like you and everybody else who had anything to do with voting for Trump or supporting Trump, you were part of the MAGA generation, you’re not well, you are not to be trusted, you are to be feared, you are to be spied upon, it’s very bad what all of you are capable of.

Now, the pandemic, ’cause again, all of this stuff is tied together. The pandemic lockdowns gave the Democrats, quote, unquote, permission to impose massive regulations on anything and everything. And that was the moment the dam began to break. Biden’s election and the Democrats winning those two seats in Georgia broke the dam. There will now be a flood of Biden executive orders shortly after his inauguration, bills from rabid leftists in Congress will follow. You just watch.

Trump’s policies triggered the great recovery. Biden’s will begin the great reversal. The great decline. And we will no doubt be told again that we are in a decline, we’re a nation in decline, and it’s a good thing the Democrats are in charge ’cause they know, they know how to manage declines, which could be true, but Democrats have different goals than Trump. The Democrats want and need a dependent, permanent underclass. That’s why they’re welcoming the caravan, folks. They’re just, “Not now. Maybe, you know, wait a couple of weeks. But, you know, you guys can’t make a big show of this now.” But they want that caravan to get into America. They want it, they’re opening arms, and they’re gonna make sure that open borders becomes the order of the day because they need a dependent and permanent underclass.

They also need to suppress real news and free speech. They need to control narratives in order to control people. But here’s the thing. You know, talk about squandering opportunities. In politics, the Democrats are not looking for what has worked well for the American people the past several years. This is where so many people I think have gone wrong in this country. So many people believe that the Republicans and Democrats basically have the same objectives, just different ways of going about them.

People believe the Democrats think government’s necessary in a big and omnipresent way in order for the country to be great. And Republicans, conservatives saying, “Nope, nope, nope, the exact opposite. The less government, the better. The more grassroots politics, the more entrepreneurism, the more liberty and freedom, the greater the country.” Well, we don’t share the same objectives. The Democrats do not have the same goals and objectives, just different ways. If that were true, the Democrats would be looking for what has worked well for the American people and would try to spin it while continuing it with their fingerprints on it.

They would keep the border closed. They would continue to find a way to support Trump’s revised trade deals. They would keep us out of the Paris climate accord. They would try not to close down the Keystone XL pipeline ’cause all these things have worked and many more. The Democrats want to tear them all down, and they want to reverse them all. They do not want to expand on what has worked for the American people the past several years.

The borders are gonna be opened. Opposing points of view, i.e., free speech will be silenced. Disposable income will be reduced via tax increases. Travel will be restricted. Energy costs are going to skyrocket. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — have you heard of these movements that have tried to reprogram homosexuality out of people? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — I not making it up — believes that you can reprogram conservatism, that you can psychologically remove it from people who believe it. They’re gonna do it in reeducation camps, a la Mao Zedong. Yeah, she does believe that these kind of things can and should happen.

“AOC Proposes Funding to Deprogram White Supremacists.” That’s what conservatism — my only point here is — and I gotta make it quick ’cause I’m on the wrong side of time constraints here. But if they were serious about what they say, they would be trying to find a way to get their fingerprints on these good things that have happened for you and for me. They want to tear ’em all apart, folks. They want to rip them to shreds.

They don’t want you to have any memory of the greatness of the Trump economy, Trump trade deals, or any other thing that his fingerprints are all over. And the pandemic is what permitted them to remove all the breaks. The Democrats saw what was possible. Trump’s impeachment is needed not just to destroy Trump, but to provide diversions and distractions to cover for what is coming.
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