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Obituaries for 2021

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A running thread for deaths in calendar year 2021.

This thread is only to discuss once-living organisms (humans or notable animals) that died, or whose deaths were reported, in 2021. It is NOT for those who died in years past, organizations that shut down, or abstract ideas. I hate to have to make that explicit but I thought that was something unstated and I was wrong.

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Ghost Bear:
Bookmarking, because I'm at that age where looking at the obituaries has become a daily event.

Cyber Liberty:

Thanks for picking this up again, Myrle!


--- Quote from: Cyber Liberty on December 31, 2020, 01:48:57 PM --- :bkmk:

Thanks for picking this up again, Myrle!

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You're welcome! I'll pin it tomorrow now that I have cat-mod privileges.

Polly Ticks:
Thank you for setting up the new thread.


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