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A Very Unsettling Thanksgiving.. Clarice Feldman
« on: November 22, 2020, 10:01:11 AM »
November 22, 2020
A Very Unsettling Thanksgiving
By Clarice Feldman

For the first time in recent memory we will be unable to visit our son and his family in Hawaii for Thanksgiving. The quarantine requirements have been lifted if we take and get a negative result on a COVID test. (Something like 90% of the positive results on such tests are false positives.) But it’s a very long flight during which we’d have to be masked in flight and at the airports and it’s more than we can endure. (Even if we assumed the masks were efficacious, which I don’t think they are -- indeed, I think they are counterproductive -- we find them physically uncomfortable.)

Most of us look forward to the holiday spent with family and friends and sharing traditional foods of the season. The autocratic governors in a number of states -- most of whom were caught violating their own lockdown orders when it suited them -- have mandated strict limits on such communal dining. It is doubtful that law enforcement will help them with their latest autocratic overreach. Indeed, several sheriffs have refused outright. I suppose in California if you hang a sign saying “French Laundry” on your door it will serve as a sort of lamb’s blood talisman on your lintels and law enforcement will pass you by. In other states with Democrat governors and anti-Thanksgiving dictates, “Peaceful protest” signs will work as well.

After months of perfectly arbitrary COVID restrictions with claimed but unproven scientific bases, the nation is divided between those whose lives and livelihoods have been upended and want to march on state capitals with pitchforks and sharpened pikes and those who are terrified out of their wits by a virus now largely treatable in those without underlying health problems. The media has uniformly continued its pattern of exaggerating health risks.

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Re: A Very Unsettling Thanksgiving.. Clarice Feldman
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2020, 06:14:32 PM »
Those of you who will celebrate Thanksgiving this year, accept the holiday for what it will become:
A moment of celebration for the freedom we know that may soon disappear.

For this could become the last Thanksgiving to be celebrated during America's history of existing as a Republic, before the tumult ahead that awaits us.
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