Author Topic: KILLING THE EARTH TO ‘SAVE’ IT : Rainforest Trees Cut Down To Make Way For Industrial Wind Turbines  (Read 168 times)

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KILLING THE EARTH TO ‘SAVE’ IT : Rainforest Trees Cut Down To Make Way For Industrial Wind Turbines
Posted: June 15, 2019 | Author: Jamie Spry 

“IF this had have been a transmission line connecting a coal power station,
 these far left brainwashed climate change believing nutters,
would have been there in their thousands.”
– John Clarkson

IN the good old days of ‘Greenism’, genuine environmentalists rallied against the wanton destruction of pristine flora and fauna.

IN the twisted age of Global Warming Climate Change hysteria, real environmentalists are failing us in the face of a global religion that has allowed the development of supposed ‘planet-saving’ ‘renewables‘ that wilfully destroy forests, animals and pristine environments.

IN the latest example of ‘Green’ eco-hypocrisy, 200 year-old rainforest trees have been cleared to make way for wind ‘farm’ transmission lines in Tasmania’s Tarkine.
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This doesn't seem to mention the CO2 that will be released making the concrete to make bases for windmills, either.
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Tasmania is renown for being a closed ecosystem. As an isolated island, species have developed there which do not exist anywhere else. Wiping out there habitat may cause irrecoverable damage to 'one of a kind' species. Speaking of which, wind turbines are famous for killing birds. Workers at turbine sites find dozens or even hundreds of dead birds on the ground every day.

Again to repeat myself, many bird species in Tasmania do not exist anywhere else on Earth. And these are animals which have never been exposed to modern dangers. They do not know these turbines are dangerous and to stay away from them. These turbines could potentially slaughter bird species which have not even been documented yet. I do not believe that Tasmania's unique critical bird populations would be able to withstand or recover from the kind of death and attrition these turbines will inflict on them. This could be the beginning of Tasmania losing its natural ecosystem forever.
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