Author Topic: The U.S. Economy’s Remarkable Recovery Continues As Biden Plans To Crush It  (Read 258 times)

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 The U.S. Economy’s Remarkable Recovery Continues As Biden Plans To Crush It
An astonishing 2.2 million more Americans were working in October than in December, and 1.5 million fewer were unemployed.

By Tom Blumer
November 16, 2020

Good news about the economy continued to pour in during Election Week. Predictably, the nation’s establishment press, obsessed with its self-appointed insistence that Joe Biden is the nation’s president-elect, virtually ignored it.

On Nov. 6, the government’s October jobs report revealed that the nation’s unemployment rate dropped a full point to a seasonally adjusted 6.9 percent, while nonfarm payroll employment increased by 638,000. The reported unemployment rate smashed expectations that it would only drop to 7.6 percent, while the employment increase beat expectations by 58,000.

The report’s detail was even stronger than its headline numbers. The survey used to determine the unemployment rate reported that an astonishing 2.2 million more Americans were working in October than in December, and that 1.5 million fewer were unemployed. The separate survey of employers used to report official job additions showed that the private sector added more than 900,000 jobs (the lower overall number was primarily due to the release of census workers in the government sector).

Thus, in the six months since the March-April COVID-19 lockdowns:

    The unemployment rate has dropped 7.8 points from its high of 14.7 percent, erasing 70 percent of that rate’s 11.2-point rise from 3.5 percent during the lockdowns.
    The economy has recovered 12.1 million of the more than 22 million jobs lost (12.3 million of more than 21 million in the private sector).

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Today may be a historical day, as at this moment DJIA is only a 100 points shy of 30K. 

These high water marks will be a mere memory after a year of Biden's attack on captialism.
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If Biden ultimately is defeated, his followers will want scalps from the Dems who made this premature election call happen.

The biggest reason is the same people right now are buying up stocks in green scheme dreams and tech stocks which will fall like rockets if Trump has another term.

Trump will not be so supportive of the climate change crap and will certainly do what he can to break up the monopolistic tech companies which bankrolled this election debacle.

It will be rich to watch them whining when their stocks fall and they lose their money as well as the election.

Me?  I have been buying oil companies on the cheap.
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