Author Topic: Kristallnacht: Nov. 9-10, 1938; The Night The Holocaust Began  (Read 863 times)

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Kristallnacht: Nov. 9-10, 1938; The Night The Holocaust Began
« on: November 09, 2020, 02:37:23 pm »
Kristallnacht: Nov. 9-10, 1938; The Night The Holocaust Began
Jeff Dunetz | Nov 9, 2020
Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, was an anti-Jewish pogrom in Nazi Germany on November 9th-10th, 1938.—it was much more than just a pogrom. Kristallnacht was the day Hitler’s final solution “came out of the closet” with anti-Jewish riots in Germany, Austria, and the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia. 

Kristallnacht is viewed by many historians as the beginning of the Jewish genocide of the Holocaust. In a coordinated attack on Jewish people and their property, 99 Jews were murdered, and 25,000 to 30,000 were arrested and placed in concentration camps. Two-hundred and sixty-seven synagogues were destroyed, and thousands of homes and businesses were ransacked.

The attacks were carried out by Hitler Youth, the Gestapo, and the SS.  Kristallnacht also served as a pretext and a means for the wholesale confiscation of firearms from German Jews and was part of the broader Nazi policy of Antisemitism and persecution of the Jews. Kristallnacht was followed by further anti-Semitic economic, political abuses, and horrible genocide. ...

Antisemitism grew after eight years of Barack Obama spewing Jew-hatred from the White House. Some members of The Democratic Party in the United States spewed antisemitic canards. The party leaders didn’t have the nerve to rebuke them, basically telling America’s Jews they were second-class citizens.

Louis Farrakhan, the Antisemitic leader of the U.S. Nation of Islam, has been befriended by members of the Congressional Black Caucus.  ...
Read entire article, with photos, at Lid Blog. He talks about Obama's anti-Jewish actions and how Jewish congressional Dems went along.

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