Author Topic: NYC relocations accelerating at ‘substantial’ pace, local movers say  (Read 178 times)

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Moving experts say they have not been able to keep pace with demand

Americans leaving big cities for more spacious areas and younger millennials moving out of dorms and back home created a moving business boom. FOX Business’ Kristina Partsinevelos with more.

Even as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases has leveled off in recent weeks, moving companies say they remain inundated with requests from people leaving New York City.

Big Apple-based moving company Oz Moving, for example, told FOX Business that the volume of moves continues to rise at a “substantial rate” – in addition to a “drastic” spike in storage compared with years prior.

The company has seen an average increase in quote requests of 30 percent year over year.


By July 15 Oz Moving was booked to capacity for the remainder of the month, and while it is always busy over the summer, 2020 marked the first time in 27 years the company was unable to take on additional jobs so early on.

Similarly, Roadway Moving President Ross Sapir told FOX Business that it is the busiest summer he has ever had.

“Insanely busy and for the last 3 months we couldn’t keep up with the demand,” Sapir said.

To accommodate movers who have already left Manhattan, Oz Moving even recently introduced an “absentee move,” which employees can carry out when residents are not in their apartments.

The company said it is quickly becoming one of its most sought-after services.
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