Author Topic: VIDEO: Face Mask Dangles from Joe Biden's Ear for Over an Hour  (Read 489 times)

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Joe Biden spoke at an economics roundtable in Philadelphia for over an hour on Thursday with a face mask dangling from his ear for almost the entire time. Soon after he began speaking he took the face mask off and then just let it hang from his ear like a flap for the rest of the time. Why didn't he just place the face mask on the table? Instead he ended up being upstaged by his own face mask. Check out the dangling face mask that kept people from listening to what poor Joe was saying because it was so incredibly distracting while serving up yet more hilarious entertainment.
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Re: VIDEO: Face Mask Dangles from Joe Biden's Ear for Over an Hour
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NO biggie.  He's worn kotex's around his ears for years.   All about the sniff factor.   :cool:
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