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De Blasio: Street in each New York borough will be renamed 'Black Lives Matter'

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De Blasio: Street in each New York borough will be renamed 'Black Lives Matter'
By J. Edward Moreno - 06/09/20 11:59 AM EDT

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) said Tuesday that a street at a “crucial” location in each of the city’s five borough’s will be renamed “Black Lives Matter.”

"What will be clear — the street name and on the streets of our city — is that message that now this city must fully, fully deeply feel and this nation must as well, that Black Lives Matter," de Blasio said.

One of the locations will be near City Hall in Manhattan, and the other locations will be decided by activists and city leaders.

The move follows a similar initiative by Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser (D).

On Friday, the words “Black Lives Matter” were painted in yellow on D.C.’s 16th Street NW. The same day, Bowser announced on Twitter that a section of the street, which she pointed out is right “in front of the White House,” had also been officially named “Black Lives Matter Plaza.”


Quick, Robin! To the Virtue Signal!

PeteS in CA:
As long as they're dead-end streets, maybe ........ ****drummer

Make it in front of the PP clinic to gain the whole hypocrisy in one fell swoop, Bill.

Cyber Liberty:
I suppose there is a silver lining. 

The leftists get upset whenever they find out a driving direction-finding app includes a feature to stay out of high crime areas, but here the cities themselves are providing that data!  It's like avoiding any street named after Martin Luther King:  'Stay off MLK Blvd in any given city and you're safe."

Now we can add, "stay off Black Lives Matter Blvd" if you wan to get there safely.


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