Author Topic: VIDEO: Hydroxychloroquine Before the Orange Man Bad Hysteria  (Read 504 times)

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To get an unbiased opinion out what the side effects of hydroxychloroquine are, you need to go back in time BEFORE the current Orange Man Bad hysteria when that drug suddenly became like poison to many liberals because President Donald Trump recommended it. The video featured on the side effects of hydroxychloroquine from January 2018 is typical of many others before the current absurd controversy. As you can see the side effects are no worse than many other drugs advertised on TV.

Note to YouTube Censors: Don't forget to demonetize this video because it runs counter to the guidelines set forth by the Chinese Communist Party (which runs concentration camps and is trampling on the rights of its own citizens) dictated to its World Health Organization lackey which you are absurdly following to the ridiculous extent of censoring or demonetizing videos that don't adhere to the CCP party line on the subject of the CCP virus.

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