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Chicago Phlebotomist: Coronavirus Antibodies Found in 30-50% Tested for COVID-19


Breitbart by Kyle Morris 10 Apr 2020

Chicago Phlebotomist: Coronavirus Antibodies Found in 30-50% Tested for COVID-19

A phlebotomist working at a Chicago hospital said Thursday that 30 to 50 percent of those tested for coronavirus have antibodies, and 10 to 20 percent of those tested are actual carriers of the virus.

Sumaya Owaynat, a phlebotomy technician for Rosewood Community Hospital, has had extensive experience with coronavirus testing over the last few weeks, as she has been testing around 400 to 600 people per day in the hospital’s parking lot. Owaynat also stated that there is a far greater number of those that have come through her line and have already recovered from the virus compared to those who currently have the disease.

“A lot of people have high antibodies, which means they had the coronavirus but they don’t have it anymore and their bodies built the antibodies,” Owaynat told Chicago City Wire.

After speaking with Owaynat, the Chicago City Wire noted:

Antibodies in the bloodstream reveal that a person has already had the coronavirus and may be immune to contracting the virus again.


PeteS in CA:
Back when the first patients were showing up at Wuhan hospitals, late November as best we know (sort of), it was not recognized for what we now know it was. Nor were there enough similar patients being treated by one or two or ? doctors to recognize the presence of a pattern, until mid December, probably. All in all, there were probably some in and about Wuhan and Hubei Province who "got" the virus, but never had symptoms severe enough to go to a hospital. Wuhan being a major industrial center, some of those people who recovered without going to a hospital were foreigners, including Americans.

China's failure - from Wuhan to the national government - to be forthcoming made for a lot of uncertainty and, of course, resulted in the disease spreading worldwide when it could have been contained.

And then the more-were-infected-than-had-to-go-to-the-hospital scenario has been happening all over the world (Mrs. S in CA knows someone who probably caught the virus in Oz, and rode it out at home).

Herd immunity


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