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Deaths in New York from coronavirus rise to over 3,500


Deaths in New York from coronavirus rise to over 3,500
By J. Edward Moreno - 04/04/20 11:46 AM EDT

The number of coronavirus deaths in New York has passed 3,500, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) announced at a daily briefing Saturday, an increase of 630 in one day.

Cuomo said 10,841 new coronavirus cases have been reported in the state since Friday, a record one-day jump, pushing the total number of cases to 113,704.

The state had reported more than 100,000 confirmed cases on Friday — nearly twice as many as it had the week before.

The governor said Saturday that the total number of people hospitalized is 15,905 but noted that two-thirds of all people who have been hospitalized have been discharged.


New Jersey reports 846 deaths from coronavirus, total cases over 34,000

Smokin Joe:
New York (103,476 cases) and New Jersey (29,895 cases) are 1 and 2 in number of cases (and deaths). All other States lag substantially behind with Michigan, California, Massachusetts, and Louisiana bringing up 3rd through 6th places with 10,000-15,000 cases each.

Those States have other things in common.

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