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What are you watching now?

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The "what are you listening to now" board has been very popular here for a long time now,so now that all/most of us are just sitting around our homes,I figured it was time to start a "What are you WATCHING now?" board to tip people off to interesting tv shows,movies,or series they can watch to help break the boredom.

I suggest that if possible we all include where it can be viewed,the cost,if any,and a brief description of what it is about?

@mystery-ak   Myst,if you think this is a good idea,PLEASE feel free to make it an official board subject.

I am going to start off with "The Wire". IMNSHO,this is one of the best crime dramas ever produced. It is based in Boston,and is about the criminals and the police department there. I can't recall ever seeing a series with better writing or acting anywhere at any time. It just draws you in.

I give it 5 stars out of 5.

It is free if you have Amazon Prime,and is available elsewhere for various fees. Maybe even free if you are a subscriber,but other than Amazon I don't know what they are named.

Here ya go @sneakypete

Cool idea
Vergette and I are currently watching " The Deputy" The Sheriff of LA county dies and there is an obscure law that says if he dies in office the longest serving member of his mounted posse must take his place. (Hulu)
We are also watching  Lone Star 911. A captain that developed cancer from asbestos exposure during 9/11 moves with his gay son to Austin Texas to rebuild a fire company that had all but one of it's members killed in an oil refinery fire. Very liberal slant but good stories.
Finally we are watching "Being Erica" This mid thirty woman is give the opportunity to relive very various episodes of her life and make changes to it. It takes place in Toronto. it is also on Hulu and was on for about 3 seasons 6-7 years ago.


--- Quote from: mystery-ak on March 24, 2020, 05:34:37 pm ---Here ya go @sneakypete

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Does that mean this is now a "hot topic" with it's own little "red box" so everyone can see it?

Another one is "MI-5",a fictional (?) account of life and missions inside Britain's version of the CIA.

NOBODY does this stuff better than the Brits. NOBODY! They pick the best actors they can find to play a role irregardless of their level of attraction,and this goes from the stars to the bit players that only pop up occasionally.

Not only that,but just like in real life,ANYBODY can die or get killed at any time. Just because someone is a major player doesn't mean they are bulletproof.

Also,no 115 lb super models doing ballet moves while pretending it is karate,and kicking the asses of a dozen bad guys without getting her hair mussed.

This does NOT mean there are no attractive cast members. There are. They just ain;t any safer than any other actor.

It's so good I bought the entire series on DVD after watching season 1 because I just couldn't wait for Season 2 to start airing.

You can now watch all seasons on Netflix for free if you are a subscriber.  THIS IS NOT TRUE. The MI-5 on netflix is a VERY good movie about MI-5,but it is NOT the series.

To view the series you need to go to Brit Box.

My apologies for misleading you.

REALLY good stuff,with acting and plots that don't insult your intelligence.

Once again,5 stars out of 5


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