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PeteS in CA:
I just posted a couple of very significant additions to my China timeline, above.

One shows that in a January 14th discussion among Chinese health officials, the head of China’s National Health Commission stated, contrary to China's and WHO's pronouncements to the world, that there were definite indications that human-human transmission was happening. China did not admit this to the world until some 6 days later.

The other addition is that the Civil Aviation Administration of China on February 4th urged Chinese carriers to continue international flights. China shut down domestic travel out of Wuhan and the rest of Hubei Province on January 23rd!

Significant updates to my US timeline are also coming, hopefully this weekend. I'm rooting through this White House report, https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/OTMP-DPA-Report-FINAL-8.13.20.pdf . It gives many instances of Trump using the DPA (contrary to Dem insinuations he isn't), from March to the present, to facilitate the production of medications and medical supplies. Among those medical supplies are the PPE on which some here have claimed Trump did not work to supply. The updates are very nutsy-boltsy, but their volume and detail show that Trump and his Administration have done a lot, under Trump's direction.

PeteS in CA:
The US timeline in the OP of this thread has gotten yuge, :cool: . In my Word-compatible file it's over 31 pages in 12-point Arial font, and will grow a couple of pages (again!), probably this coming weekend. While its size dramatizes the fact that a lot is being done and accomplished, it's also getting really hard to use to research some specific topic or issue. I've posted "canned" extracts that address a number of specific topics, "gotcha" issues that the Dems and other anti-Trump commonly raise or that I think are very likely to be raised. Each has its own thread here in the Exclusive Content >> News forum:

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