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Is Hillary Clinton Angling to Ride Her Broomstick onto 2020 Ticket?

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--- Quote ---As we draw ever closer to the Democrat convention, more and more signs keep piling up that Hillary Clinton is AGAIN angling to be on their 2020 ticket. Does she ever go AWAY? Apparently not. And from the comments of folks like Cenk Uygur, as you can see here, if Hillary were on the ticket she would again be a sure LOSER.

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That people are even talking about this, much less seriously considering it, is strictly due to the abysmal failure of all democrat candidates.  And they are down to two.  One a communist who's never worked a day in his life and who is in fragile health and had a recent heart attack.  The other is a man who has it all.  Not only is he obviously senile and hostile, making daily gaffes and losing his temper at voters, but he is a crook who has defrauded other countries for years and he has a crooked son and brother and maybe lives in a crooked house.

The dems only hope is to somehow turn people against Trump.  Now they are salivating and positively relishing the prospect of a lot of Americans dying from that Chinese virus.  That's who they are.

Cyber Liberty:
Is the bear Catholic?  Does the Pope do his business in the woods?


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Pete was the first to call this, a good while back  It's becoming more plausible by the day.


--- Quote from: catfish1957 on March 10, 2020, 05:59:23 pm ---@sneakypete

Pete was the first to call this, a good while back  It's becoming more plausible by the day.

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Its becoming more plausible in reverse correlation to her chances of actually being elected.

What a noxious you-know-what she is.


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