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VIDEO: Comedy Gold: WORST Campaign Spokesperson Ever



--- Quote ---Meet Lindy Li. A spokesperson for the Joe Biden campaign whose recent interview was quite entertaining. Li vociferously claimed there was NO Democrat establishment just moments after saying she voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Pennsylvania primary as a protest against the Democrat establishment as represented by Hillary Clinton. Oh, and as for Bernie Sanders, despite her vote for him in 2016, Li now says that she absolutely WON'T vote for him this year even if he is the Democrat nominee. Congratulations, Lindy! You have now given permission to all those Bernie supporters out there to NOT vote for the Democrat nominee if it is not Sanders thanks to your refusal, as a Biden spokesperson, to vote for Sanders if he is the nominee. Or will you soon be forced to issue a "clarification" stating that you did not mean what you clearly said? Perhaps it is called "shaping the narrative."
--- End quote ---

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