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Democratic Candidate Foreign Policy Questionaire


NY Times (scroll down to bottom) interactive:

--- Quote ---The Topics
1. Use of Force
2. Iran
3. North Korea
4. Afghanistan
5. Israel
6. Russia
7. China
9. Cyber Policy
10. National Security Strategy
11. Top Diplomatic Priority

--- End quote ---

Examples per above:

Top Diplomatic Priority

--- Quote ---Michael Bloomberg
Former mayor of New York City, 77

The revitalization of American diplomacy, American alliances and America’s commitment to global multilateral systems — especially on climate change. These actions would serve to restore and reinforce U.S. power projection and international stability using nonmilitary tools such as foreign assistance and diplomacy so that military deployments are a last resort, not the first one. Additionally, we need to prevent a catastrophic terrorist or cyberattack on the United States and to balance the challenges and opportunities of the rise of China globally.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Tom Steyer
Businessman and activist, 62

I will center my foreign policy around addressing the issue of climate change. My Justice-Centered Climate Plan provides a framework for bold action both domestically and abroad, and I would direct my secretary of state to implement that plan immediately upon taking the oath of office.

--- End quote ---

Yes, one could say "climate change" is mainly touched on by these candidates. Perhaps, some "globalism".

Use of Force

--- Quote ---Would you consider military force to pre-empt an Iranian or North Korean nuclear or missile test?

Andrew Yang
Former tech executive, 45


--- End quote ---

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