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Hoo Boy: Hillary's Campaign Manager Was Involved With That Disastrous Iowa Caucus App


PeteS in CA:

Hoo Boy: Hillary's Campaign Manager Was Involved With That Disastrous Iowa Caucus App

--- Quote ---This is not going to go over well with the Bernie Bros, who still blame Hillary Clinton and the DNC for Sanders' loss to the wife of Bill Clinton in 2016. As everyone knows by now, the Iowa caucuses on Monday were an unmitigated disaster, thanks to an app that malfunctioned, as the Iowa Democratic Party tells it. As it turns out, Robby Mook, Hillary's 2016 campaign manager, was tasked with vetting the app that resulted in... well... no results on Monday night. ...
HuffPost is reporting:

--- Quote ---State campaign finance records indicate the Iowa Democratic Party paid Shadow, a tech company owned by ACRONYM, more than $60,000 for “website development” over two installments in November and December of last year. A Democratic source with knowledge of the process said those payments were for the app that caucus site leaders were supposed to use to upload the results at their locales.
Gerard Niemira, a veteran of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, is the head of Shadow. In 2019, David Plouffe, one of the chief architects of President Barack Obama’s wins, joined the board of advisers for ACRONYM.
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I won't go CT yet, as incompetence is currently a totally adequate explanation. But chaos plus a primary process that has no clear, strong, winner could open the door to a proverbial "dark Horse" candidate. BTW, as the article notes, Nevada Dems bought the same app for their caucus.

Don't  ya just HATE it when stuff like that happens accidentally?

PURE coinkydink,I assure you.

Biden’s campaign also was client of tech company behind glitchy Iowa voting app
By Mark Moore and Emily Jacobs
February 5, 2020 | 3:10pm
--- Quote ---Former Vice President Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign was also once a client of the tech firm whose glitchy app was behind the caucus catastrophe in Iowa that fouled up the reporting of Monday’s results, according to a report.

Shadow Inc. — led by Gerard Niemira, who developed technology for Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential bid — worked for the campaigns of Biden and Pete Buttigieg, as well as the Nevada and Wisconsin state Democratic parties, the New York Times reported Tuesday, citing campaign filing reports.

The company, which was paid $63,000 by the Iowa Democratic Party for the error-prone smartphone software that was supposed to help in the tallying of election results, was involved with texting technology and digital advertising with the Biden campaign. ...
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Poor ol' Joe just can't buy a break. Why was Mayor Cheat's money better than his?


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