Author Topic: REALLY fat drummer on 3rd hour of Today show this morning  (Read 735 times)

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REALLY fat drummer on 3rd hour of Today show this morning
« on: November 06, 2019, 03:12:08 pm »
I have always said the one thing you would never see is a fat drummer,and damned if I wasn't proved wrong "bigly" this morning. There is a black drummer so fat his breasts jiggle while he is tapping out a moderate beat,and you can see it even though he is wearing a hoodie. Hell,you can't NOT see it. I bet this guy goes over 400 lbs.

He is playing the drums for a couple of creatures named P.J Morton and JoJo. I have no idea which name is for the woman. Never heard of either one of them before,although the woman does seem to have a nice voice.

I have honestly never seen a fat drummer in a pro band before. Then again,I don't listen to jazz or the current crap popular in the ghettos. Maybe they have fat drummers? After all,nobody playing in either category makes actual music,only random sounds,so it could be.
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