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Water supply in Arizona threatened by new suburban developments


KTAR 10/26/2019

A new report by an Arizona State University think tank says it’s questionable whether Arizona can find enough water to replenish aquifers for pumping to new homes in fast-growing suburban areas without access to Colorado River water.

The Kyl Center for Water Policy report also suggests that the state revamp a landmark 1980 setting current policy on groundwater management, the Arizona Daily Star reports.

The report warns that some suburbs of Tucson and Phoenix will struggle to find enough water to keep growing without damaging underground aquifers by overpumping groundwater.

According to the report, the result could be land subsidence, including ground fissures, lower water quality and even the possibility of wells drying up.


PeteS in CA:
Just sue the water companies the way NY is threatening to sue the gas company unable to supply enough natural gas to new Long Island 'burbs due to pipeline capacity.


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