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Liberty Hangout

Profanity is bleeped out.

Liberal Women in 2019
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The "main" confrontation starts about 1:07 seconds in, so it's pretty quick.

Liberty Hangout website

I caught a condensed version of the video above on twitter, I'm still a bit unsure of what to think. On seeing the longer video, yes, I think she is provoking the situation some.  I don't know if, I believe it's Kaitlyn should have browbeat the woman with glasses calling her "dangerous", otherwise,  I don't see much wrong with it. Yes, the woman with glasses does flip out and that is unacceptable at that.

This website and she, are totally new to me. The video does have a lot of views.

Rebel Media and Andy Ngo, I like these people but they do go out, imho, looking for something to happen, a confrontation.  Also, I may agree with some views, they seem to be doing this some for publicity but the confrontation itself is pretty interesting.

I don't know where this happened, just somewhere in America.

Moved to Breifing Room TV.

I am unsure about these people though parts of video are eye-opening.


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