Author Topic: New lawsuit alleges Texas threw out mail-in ballots  (Read 1343 times)

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Re: New lawsuit alleges Texas threw out mail-in ballots
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Your former County and My County are NOT where the problems occur @Victoria33.  They are nothing compared to the opportunities presented in Bexar, El Paso, Dallas, Harris, Tarrant, and several others all of which are currently run by DEMOCRATS who will stop at nothing in order to win.  You can keep living in your fantasy world if you wish but that's not going to change a thing where the rubber meets the road.

My board dumped numerous ballots from nursing homes, etc.  It happens in every county if the Judge does not know what to do.

The Early Voting Ballot Board in EVERY COUNTY in Texas has a REPUBLICAN Judge, not a Democrat.  The Judge must be of the party of the Governor who won in the last election.  Because Gov. Abbott is a Republican, EVERY JUDGE OF THE EVBB IN EVERY COUNTY IN TEXAS MUST be a Republican.

The central counting station where ballots are counted on election night, in EVERY COUNTY has a REPUBLICAN Judge DUE TO A LAW I WROTE in 2003.

You are confused/wrong when you say Democrats run elections in those counties - they do not due to the Texas Election Code laws, including the law I wrote.  It is the law that determines who does what in an election in a county.  The county itself does not decide who does what.  If you would buy the election law book you would know these things!  !!

An aside about El Paso: When I was traveling Texas instructing the Texas Election Code for the state Republican Party, they told me they would not send me to El Paso because there are few Republicans there - they said they would be wasting money to send me to El Paso.  No Republican will ever be elected there.