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Gun Dealers, Rifle Association Sue To Block New State Requirements


NPR Illinois By Brian Mackey  7/17/2019

A group of gun dealers is suing the state of Illinois to block new regulations on their businesses.

Eight gun shops, joined by the Illinois State Rifle Association, say a new law requiring state certification will put a lot of them out of business. The law applies to businesses and individuals that already have federal firearm dealer licenses.

In a telephone interview, attorney David Sigale said the regulations are driven by a “fear mentality that the dealers in the state are somehow complicit with the gangbangers in Chicago and  those who would create havoc somewhere.”

He said that is not the case.

“If anyone thinks putting lawful dealers in Central Illinois or Southern Illinois, for example, are going to somehow prevent gang crime in Chicago, unfortunately were sadly mistaken," Sigale said. “It puts lawful businesses out of business, and isn’t going to do a thing to help safety or prevent crime.”

The gun dealers argue the law’s requirements are too expensive. For retail locations, there is a $1,500 annual fee, a requirement that dealers install surveillance cameras, and maintain electronic records of all gun sales.

Calling those obligations onerous, the lawsuit accuses the state of denying gun buyers and sellers of their constitutional right to bear arms.



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