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New mayor hit with deadly Chicago crime waves tells police ‘do better’ before we ‘lose the streets’


New mayor hit with deadly Chicago crime waves tells police ‘do better’ before we ‘lose the streets’
July 18, 2019 | Vivek Saxena

Instead of declaring war on criminals, Chicago’s newly elected Democrat mayor has seemingly declared war on her own cops.

Though Chicago has experienced a near-endless crime wave since around 2014, when the Ferguson incident in Missouri occurred, newly inaugurated Mayor Lori Lightfoot has, it would appear, chosen to blame this ongoing epidemic on the Chicago Police Department and its superintendent, Eddie T. Johnson, who for the record has only been on the job as the city’s top cop since mid-2016.

“I do continue to have faith in Superintendent Johnson. But it’s not secret that I’m pushing him and his leadership team to do better,” she reportedly said while in attendance at the so-called Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative conference in New York this Tuesday.


This is a replay of Dinkins in NYC. It's a trap for the Cops and an escape tunnel for the Mayor. If the Cops actually crack down and 'do better', the Mayor will be first in line to condemn them for "racism" and "minority harassment".

Liberals always want reality to be both ways. They want a reduction in crime, but at the same time they want a 'hands off' policy toward minorities and criminals. This is a typical no-win situation for Law Enforcement. And it happens in almost all large urban areas across America.

I'm sure the cops are doing all they can. Well, some of them. Others are sleeping.
--- Quote ---Police Supt. Eddie Johnson ‘Had A Couple Of Drinks’ Before Falling Asleep In His Car, Mayor Lightfoot Says
In the midst of a teacher strike, the new mayor is now facing a controversy with the city's top cop.
Published on Oct 18, 2019 3:35PM CDT

DOWNTOWN — Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson told Mayor Lori Lightfoot he had “a couple of drinks with dinner” the night he was found asleep at the wheel of his car near his Bridgeport home, the mayor told the Chicago Sun-Times.

“He’s a grown man, he had a couple drinks at dinner, that’s what he told me,” Lightfoot told the Sun-Times’ Fran Spielman, who repeatedly pressed the mayor if Johnson had been drinking that night. ...

Johnson wasn’t administered a field sobriety test when officers found him.  ...  Rest of story at Block Club Chicago
--- End quote ---

The Chief

PeteS in CA:
When the city, state, and Feds get off CPD's @$$, officers will be able to do their jobs!


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