Author Topic: Supreme Court's conservative-liberal rift exposed in arbitration decision favoring company over work  (Read 716 times)

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Richard Wolf, USA TODAY 4/24/2019

Few issues divide the Supreme Court as consistently as disputes pitting employers against workers. On Wednesday, the justices showed just how deep those divisions can be.

Chief Justice John Roberts' seemingly routine, 13-page opinion blocked workers from banding together in an arbitration dispute because, he said, their contract was ambiguous on that point. His four conservative colleagues agreed.

But the court's four liberal justices were so incensed that they each wrote separate dissents totaling 31 pages. The common theme: the court simply does not like class actions, in which workers combine their clout against employers, whether in court or before arbitrators.

"The heart of the majority’s opinion lies in its cataloging of class arbitration’s many sins," Associate Justice Elena Kagan wrote. "The opinion likewise has more than a little in common with this court’s efforts to pare back class litigation."