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Thanks for sharing. I'm so sorry for suffering that might have been prevented. So frustrating.

I am saddened any of you have to suffer because of incompetent healthcare operations.  There is no excuse.  The good news, if the Dems have their way, everyone will have Medicare(all my personal friends on Medicare hate it).  I'm being sarcastic.  Things will continue to worsen healthcare wise because our politicians are not worth a good BM!

sneakypete...if you have a phone, I would love to speak to you and share more of what I know.  If interested in talking, send me a personal note with your phone number.  I know if you do what I suggest, I can help you.  Definitively so.  I am talking about reducing or eliminating pain, without taking substances that screw with your mental/physical functioning.

And I believe it was SledDog that had stents installed.  I suspect the inner diameter of those stents is very small.  I highly recommend you start using only distilled water for drinking, for water, coffee, tea and frozen juices.  Stents almost guarantee future blockages, and distilled water will help that not to happen. 

Sadly, American medicine is grossly deficient because of AMA procedures that hamstring physicians.  And anything they do is further hampered by insurance companies that work exceptionally hard NOT to pay claims.  I have spent over 20 years in healthcare, being a director for two Blues plans, and consulting to a dozen others, as well as consulting to different state government healthcare operations. 

I promise all of you, if you are willing to take the time, I can tell you things that will help your situation.  Cost you nothing to listen.  I have helped many through the years.  Those with cancer need not suffer with pain, need not take pain killers that leave you loopy. And for those that are suffering from nausea with chemo, there is a simple solution for that too.  I am talking about solutions that do not entail taking pharma!  Doctors will not advise you as such, why?  Because largely they do not make any money and the AMA disapproves of anything that does not make money.  Really that simple.

I have been drinking distilled water since 1979.  I will never have a blocked artery, never a kidney or gall stone, no arthritis with deposits, no cataracts in the eyes, and with a recent study that indicated that for Alzheimer patients, a particular protein is being found built up in the brain, I am fairly certain I will never suffer from Alzheimers.  What distilled water does for the body is keep thing that do not belong out of the body.  No buildup of things that do not belong.  Anyone that believes that tap water is safe to consume, think again.  It is not a Jim Jones cocktail, but I believe it will cause cancer and other maladies and shorten the average person's life by ten years.

100% of the people that have taken shark cartilage for cancer have benefited that I know have followed my advice.  100%!  I also recommend one particular brand, based on research done by a friend.  You can get online and search to see who sells it for the best price.  There is much to know about it to take it properly.

Please feel free to call me.  Write me a personal message and call, or I will call you.  I hate to see anyone suffer.


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I have been drinking distilled water since 1979. 

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I started using it for cooking and coffee about 5 years ago.

I don’t know about bills. I know that when @To-Whose-Benefit? passed, his brother sold his most prized possession, his Les Paul guitar to pay off remaining bills and other expenses.

That was so sad. And I would have dipped into my 401K to help, so that guitar could have stayed in the family, who knows, maybe his niece or nephew would have a child that would like music and want it. And remember their amazing and cool great uncle too.


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