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Share your cancer journey - and any other personal medical advice

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Inspired by comments on Sneakypete's thread about recent/ongoing personal health issues and the suggestion that the forum have a place for people to share their cancer battles, medical advice, helpful information, etc., this thread has been created.

Here is a link to Pete's thread.

If your experience can help another TBR member, it's all worth it. You don't have to limit the conversation to cancer, although that certainly is one that touches all of us.


So far I have nothing to contribute except for my prayers for @sneakypete @To-Whose-Benefit? and anyone else facing cancer or any other serious, life-threatening illness. 

Thank you @Mod1

My mother's chronic lymphatic leukemia contributed to her death,  but otherwise cancer hasn't hit me directly.  My own issues include chronic pain, probably osteoarthritis related.  The Regenexx procedure done on my hip in December seems to be helping somewhat.  For more info,  visit That's the Pittsburgh location,  but I believe it's available all over the place.

Watch where you're going.   Don't be careless on stairs.   Avoiding falls is probably the key to having a good quality of life in older age.   


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