Author Topic: For the Sins of the Fathers: (1/3) Belgian ISIS fighters  (Read 2067 times)

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For the Sins of the Fathers: (1/3) Belgian ISIS fighters
« on: November 16, 2018, 09:10:19 pm »
Just released, studying some of the footage. It's well done though, I'm not that interested in their personal lives.  18:10 is some footage of the devastation in Syria though most of this seems to be interviews. Some graphic footage.

For the Sins of the Fathers (1/3)

! No longer available

Also on view at following link.

For the Sins of the Fathers: Episode One (English version)
14/11/18 - VRT's war correspondent Rudi Vranckx has produced a series of documentaries focusing on the fate of the children of Belgian IS fighters and their partners.  How should Belgium treat these children who are too young to bear any responsibility for the acts of their parents? What is the best response to ensure the future safety of all Belgian citizens?
Some fascinating footage, try around 18:10.

The one man, Dutch/.Flemish, his wife was Muslim and took his children to Syria/Iraq and joined iSIS apparently.
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