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Poll: Menendez leads GOP challenger by 11 points in New Jersey


Poll: Menendez leads GOP challenger by 11 points in New Jersey
By John Bowden - 10/03/18 02:21 PM EDT

New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez (D) enjoys a comfortable 11-point lead GOP Senate candidate Bob Hugin among likely midterm voters in a poll of the state released Wednesday.

In the Quinnipiac University poll of likely 2018 voters, Menendez leads his Republican challenger 53-42 percent, with just 5 percent of voters remaining undecided.

The two candidates each control the support of 93 percent of their own party and six percent of their opponent's party, according to the poll. Hugin leads the Democratic incumbent by single digits among independents, Quinnipiac found, but trails more than 40 percent among nonwhite voters.

Menendez, who battled charges of corruption that were dismissed earlier this year, holds a net positive job approval rating (46 percent approval to 44 percent disapproval), but more voters said they had an unfavorable opinion (53 percent) of the senator than said the opposite (34 percent).

Working in the Democrat's favor, however, is New Jersey voters' attitude towards President Trump. A majority of likely voters in the state, 63 percent, say they want Congress to act more as a check on Trump's agenda compared to those who say they want Congress to work with the president.


Too bad, maybe up to 13 now.

BUT.... 6 points here, so with the MOE, a lot tighter:

This poll shows a 'dead heat':

So, while I'm sure, Menendez has the upper hand;  it's not all bad news, some polls show different.  "Let not your heart be troubled".

I’m volunteering for Hugin. I really hope he can defeat Menendez. It’s time to have him retire.


Weird Tolkienish Figure:
Idiot jersey voters vote for a crook, almost as bad as mass voters.


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