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Cynthia Nixon Tells Cuomo to 'Stop Lying' During Heated Debate


Cortney O'Brien
Aug. 29, 2018

UPDATE: Mayor Bill de Blasio called out Gov. Cuomo for suggesting during tonight's debate that the state doesn't run the MTA.


As expected, the New York Democratic primary debate between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon on Wednesday was a scorcher. The two battled over everything from health care and public unions, to the state of the New York subway system.


I love it when the left bang heads and try to "out-left" each other.

I’m deprived

I’ve never seen sex in the city


--- Quote from: Freya on August 30, 2018, 12:57:50 pm ---I’m deprived

I’ve never seen sex in the city

--- End quote ---


I tried to watch it a couple of times years ago while on road trips and staying at motels with cable tv.  Seems like it was best used as a sleeping aid. I don't think I ever watched a whole episode.

BTW,am I the ONLY one that thinks motel tv stations suck? Can't find a damn thing I am used to watching,either because the channel number is different,or it's just not available.


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