Author Topic: "The Fall"- British crime drama about the search for a serial killer  (Read 3103 times)

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I just got through binge-viewing all 3 seasons,and while the first season seems to be a little slow,Gillian Anderson does better with her British accent by season 2.

Truth to tell,I have been binge watching it because I have the flu and been to sick to leave the house. About half the time I had to rewind or watch a whole episode all over again because I didn't remember what I had seen or heard.

Better now if not well,and like almost all British dramas,it's well worth watching. This one is based on the search and arrest of a serial killer that murders women.

It's free if you have Netflix,so it has to be worth giving it a watch.

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Give it a try.

BTW,WHY am I the ONLY one posting on this subject? Do none of you people watch tv?
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Re: "The Fall"- British crime drama about the search for a serial killer
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Added to my que.
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