Author Topic: Comprehensive Deep Dive into THE BILL COSBY SEXUAL ASSAULT TRIAL  (Read 4688 times)

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    When you look at the evidence on both sides of the argument you have to acknowledge that there truly is no evidence Bill Cosby ever committed the crime. Cosby's defense only called one witness and rested their case, feeling secure the prosecution did not fill the burden of proof. And I have to agree. No soiled clothing, no alibi, no medical tests, no rape kit - the woman accusing Cosby waited a full year to report the crime! Cosby is innocent... Post mistrial Cosby has done his first comedy routine recently, and so his name is back in the news. Lets talk about the case. I'll just leave some bullet points down below the video, highly recommend you check it out, it lays out 100% of the verifiable evidence in the Cosby case. Also for reference -

    Back in 2004 a woman named Andrea Constand went to Cosby's house late at night. Cosby says they had consensual sex, Andrea Constand said he drugged her and fingered her. Bill Cosby is not on trial for RAPE, he is on trial for SEXUAL ASSAULT, huge difference. Andrea Constand didn't report the crime until 2005 where there was a court case and she received a bundle of money outside of court. That was the civil case. In 2014 this case is being brought back up as a criminal case that would instead lead to prison time. Some people think this is double jeopardy, its not, that rule only applies to criminal cases. Anyways, check the video for more information, watch at 1.5 speed to get informed if you want to defend Constand.

    Prosecution Says
    • Cosby settled out of court back in 2005 with Constand
    • Cosby has paid off other women
    • Cosby has admitted to drugging other women
    • Constand has nightmares
    • Constand is gay

    Defense Says
    • Constand had a bare Mid-drift, bath salts, and a bunch of candles, when she went to Cosby late at night (Romantic Relationship)
    • They had long known each other before this point
    • She initiated many phone calls after this event and called him many times after.
    • Constand contradicted herself many times/ Constand's credibility is in question
    • She didn't report it for a year and didn't press criminal charges until 2014 (The District Attorney says she lacks evidence)
    • The only REAL evidence is her testimony. (No soiled clothing or anything / No forensic evidence at all)
    • Everything else is just trying to paint Cosby as a bad guy
    • Tons of false allegations!

    PS - Of course the text of this is an oversimplification, please watch the video for actual arguments and counter-arguments.
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