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The American Experience-The Gilded Age,PBS
« on: February 12, 2018, 05:57:37 am »
The "thinking" of leftists on full display.

The American Experience is in general one of PBS's most leftist leaning programs,and the series "The Gilded Age" is about the transformation of America from a primitive rural age where there are no real jobs other than in the cities,and most American lead a day to day life of manual labor on small farms or ranches to eek out a subsistence lifestyle. No real money to speak of,and nothing to fall back on but distant neighbors if the men die or get injured,to the creation of the industrial nation in the late 1890's and early 1900's.
A prime example is right after explaining how US Steel was created and Andrew Carnegie was paid $250 million for it,he became the richest man in the world. They showed the steel mills operating,people working,trains moving along carrying people,good,and produce,as well as mentioning the improved lifestyles of the typical citizen.

Then the very next thing you hear is the talking head historians talking about the transformation of the American government from a government that served the people,to a government that served  the capitalists. This,of course was all the fault of the evil Republicans that took over control of our nation in the 1896 election.

The blindness is stunning. Due to industrialization the typical American worker had a salary above the survival rate,to a level where it was possible for him to not only support his family,but to save money,send his children to school,buy a house,buy better/nicer clothes,etc,etc,etc,and somehow  access to this better life is evil because it is a result of millionaires and Republicans colluding to take away people's freedom by buying them jobs and making them slaves to the big banks and bankers. I am GUESSING these improvements in the living conditions and the creations of hope for a future better life would be ok with them,if only the wealthy would give it all away and refuse any profits. And they said all this without the slightest trace of shame or hesitation about looking like the fools they are.

It actually made my head hurt to listen to and see it,but I recommend everyone watch it to see where the roots of today's lunacy originated,and how todays loons still think communism makes sense.

Look for The American Experience on your local PBS station or on your dish service,and then look for "The Gilded Age" programming.
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