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Queens cops recognized for animal rescues



--- Quote ---Queens cops recognized for animal rescues
Sgt. Wendell Seymour (r) of Patrol Borough Queens North is one of two Queens officers to be recognized this year for his work on ainmal rescues.

By Naeisha Rose
Two Queens NYPD officers were honored last week for their contributions to helping the city’s most vulnerable animals at the third annual Appreciation Luncheon held by ASPCA, a non-profit dedicated to preventing animal cruelty.

Sgt. Wendell Seymour of Patrol Borough Queens North, which is in Flushing, and Detective Marique Monzert of the 105th Precinct, located in Queens Village, were among the 17 people honored for preventing, investigating and prosecuting cases of animal cruelty and neglect in 2017, according to ASPCA spokeswoman Emma Dickson.

“The 17 men and women we’re honoring today were champions this year for animals across New York City,” said Howard Lawrence, vice president of ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement at the Dec. 12 event. “They helped engage their colleagues and citizens in concrete ways to combat animal cruelty and were instrumental in building more actively engaged, safe, and humane communities.”

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