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Please name 3-5 movies/TV series (SciFi) since 1950 which you believe contained significant portion

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Close Encounters of the Third Kind.   The only 'fact' Hollywood changed was the location.  It happened at an Air Force Base...not a desert.


President Eisenhower met with them, and the result was a signed 'Treaty'.

(William Shatner meets with Ancient Aliens - broadcast February 12, 2021)   :laugh:

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Will be interesting to eventually see what's accurate & what's disinformation.


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Scully...  Can you believe that Quix left us off his list?

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THANKS. Though, actually, I wasn't thinking with my best memory when I made that post. At 74, I'm learning that the research on memory & aging is really true. LOL. But I didn't really try very hard on that post, either. Just gave a quick response off the top of my head. Though I doubt I'd have recalled their movie if I HAD of tried harder. LOL.

AND--the OP assigned task was to list 3-5 movies. I did manage that.

I added this onto that post listing the movies I thought of at the time:



I'm not a great movie person. I don't keep a lot of movie titles in my head. I rarely watch movies. I  do like Sci Fi but I'm very picky. There's a lot of trash in the genre.

Though I do fondly remember the TV series LOST IN SPACE & MY FAVORITE MARTIAN.

 I don't think I ever did watch that one about the bloke alone on Mars.

I did like the one about the huge artificial enclosed environment above the earth. Elysium?

I enjoyed some of Edgar R Burroughs' 'Mars books.'


And, ENDER'S GAME series

I vaguely recall that there's a bunch of dystopian society movies--a few of which I watched. I find them usually pretty dreary. Not a favorite use of my time.

Anyway--that's about all that's off the top of my head currently.


--- Quote from: dfwgator on February 13, 2021, 04:11:54 am ---Idiocracy

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Yes, yes, yes!

Maybe also Soylent Green?

The Boys from Brazil (1978)


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