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Streaming surpasses cable as top way to consume TV

Streaming has officially topped cable as the most popular method by which Americans consume television content, according to new data from Nielsen.

Why it matters: Just as cable's victory over broadcast ushered in waves of change to U.S. media, streaming's rise will continue to bring new businesses and cultural forces to the fore.

Details: Streaming now makes up more than one-third of all television consumption in the U.S., according to data from Nielsen's monthly Gauge study of TV consumption.

•   Netflix continues to be the top streaming platform, taking 7.7% of total share of TV consumption in July. YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ increased their share of viewing time last month to 7.3%, 3% and 1.8%, respectively, while HBO Max held steady at 1%.

Yes, but: Traditional TV, which includes both cable and broadcast consumption, still collectively makes up the majority of TV viewing in the U.S., for now.

•   But if the rate of these categories' decline continues, streaming could very well surpass traditional television as the primary way Americans consumer TV content in the next few years.

•   While the total amount of TV consumption has remained consistent in the past year, the amount that Americans have streamed has increased 22.6%, compared to declines in cable and broadcast of 8.9% and 9.8%, respectively.

More at link.

The reason why MeTV isn't available on streaming platforms is simple: it's all reruns, and they only own the rights to carry those reruns over-the-air (and on cable/satellite); they have no streaming rights to any of their programming, so it can't be carried on any streaming platform as a whole channel.

MeTV is carried on Frndly TV, a channel I can get on Roku.

The cord has been cut. Streaming is more watched than cable

The cord has been cut.
For the first time ever, Americans are watching more streaming TV than cable, according to a report from Nielsen. The milestone has long been expected as viewers change their viewing habits and ditch their pricey cable bundles for cheaper alternatives.
In July, streaming amounted to 34.8% in the share of total TV consumption, a growth of nearly 23% within the past year. Cable and broadcast viewership both dropped year over year, with the former amounting to 34.4% and the latter making up just 21.6%. Both fell around 10% compared to July 2021.

Nielsen notes streaming has surpassed broadcast before, but its the "first time it has also exceeded cable viewing." Netflix, Hulu and YouTube also captured record-high shares, with Netflix (NFLX) being the biggest streaming platform thanks to "Stranger Things'" new season.

The report's findings aren't surprising, but it is an inflection point for the typical American TV viewer as well as the industry. Entertainment companies are spending billions of dollars bolstering their streaming services to future-proof themselves. But streaming's glory days might already be over: The war to win over subscribers at any cost is done........

I truly don't understand why anybody subscribes to cable anymore.

Both my ex and her sister have cable,and even though I GAVE them both a ROKU player and showed them how it worked,they still make those cable payments and watch cable tv instead of their ROKU's.


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