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Books, read books, lot's of books. All I have is antenna and having been away from watching TV for so long I really don't like it any more. Too much to do and books are more convenient. I'm a fast reader so the information transfer is much slower listening or watching than reading.

It's been a two years since we disconnected DirecTV.  We've got an antenna for OTA broadcasts, conditions permitting (60-80 mi).

We subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime, but the Rokus are as often used on free channels like XTV, FilmOn, or just our local Plex Media Server, which has grown to a few TB of Movies and TV.  Plex is the fallback when there's nothing on (or tuning in) OTA and the internet is slow.

There are also various Plex plugins. Most are for adding various streaming channels. But one (SS Plex) is useful for downloading content  in the background, to watch later without any buffering issues.

Ghost Bear:
"Cuttering"?   :huh?:

Responding to bookmark. I'll also give my bona fides: although wife and I have a full cable package from AT&T Uverse, we also pay for Hulu, Netflix streaming, and Amazon Prime, and watch them regularly.  I also set up a Plex server to handle my recorded media (mpeg2 and mp4 mostly) and have played a little with Plex plugins for streaming, although to be honest I wasn't too satisfied with it.

Interested in learning what others have done or tried...


--- Quote from: Ghost Bear on May 03, 2017, 11:48:30 pm ---"Cuttering"?   :huh?:

--- End quote ---

Don't do it....

I have a computer hooked directly to my TV, and find anything at all that I might want to watch...

BUT, For folks that want a more ordered presentation, I can recommend Roku. For somewhere between 30 and 100 bucks or so - a one time purchase of their controller, It allows painless access to all of the subscription systems (Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Amazon, etc,) as well as a many channels of free programming, especially if you have kids (lots of kid stuff is free).

The nice thing is, if you decide to try Amazon for instance, rather than buying their gear, only to find you don't like it, the very same subscription is available through Roku without having to buy any other gear.

The bad part is, you'd need a box for every TV, or move the box or stick between TVs...

That's why I stay foot loose and fancy free. I can easily find used computers capable of running a TV, and a cordless KB/glide pad costs about 30 bucks... For my 3 tvs, I am happy to buy the pooters rather than invest in Roku boxen.


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