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Cut the cord? No longer have Cable or Satellite TV? Well, I figure I start a thread where people can share tips or advice on how to cut the cord.

Me, I have Amazon Fire TV (might get a chromecast later on), Sling TV, Amazon Prime, Hulu (Free with Bing search rewards), and Netflix.

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It rarely saves you that much if you bundle. I haven't watched a network TV show in probably 20 years. Just football. I tried to follow The Dome and Grimm on Amazon Prime but lost interest after a while.

Frank Cannon:
Shouldn't this be the Cordcuttering thread?

After years with comcast I'm giving Dish network a try and a try is likely all its going to be. I really like having access to all the HD channels (The Expanse is freakin spectacular in 64 inches of HD) but it really pisses me off to have to pay extra to watch the Detroit Tigers play.


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